Building formwork Wooden formwork is a man-made board, with large format, Pinfeng less, light weight, easy processing, good integral rigidity,
Hollow particleboardHollow particleboard (also known as an innovation in bridge Mechanics) as core board production process
Plywood Plywood made from wood as the main raw material, because of its reasonable structure and fine processing in the production process
Jiangsu Binsong Wood Industry Co., Ltd established in 1998, locates in the Shengyang Industrial Park of Xuzhou city Jiangsu province. It mainly engaged in the production and sale of PLYWOOD, FILM FACED PLYWOOD, PARTICLE BOARD and FLOORING etc, and all export to USA , European countries and areas .
Beilin large wood waterproof technology into the nanometer era

 Beijing forestry university in wood water-proofing agent preparation for new application technology research, the development of nanoscale paraffin emulsion of domestic leading technology, has significant advantages. Use the nanoscale paraffin emulsion after processing, wood of waterproof.

, the project director professor jin-zhen cao said this new paraffin emulsion is applied to real wood impregnated wood waterproofing agent processing. Under the condition of the processing of low concentration, can make the wood to get good hydrophobic property and dimensional stability.

Data show that in 1% 4% of emulsion concentration under the condition of treated wood, the material of swell-shrink rate can reach 88.2%, and other similar products are generally less than 50%. On this basis, the researchers use paraffin emulsion dip and high temperature heat treatment of wood composite modification, preparation of waterproof type high temperature heat treatment of wood, with its further expansion rate to 92.9%.

Team in the introduction of the "nano emulsion type waterproofing agent preparation technology of wood", on the basis of combining the characteristics of high temperature heat treatment of material itself, is suitable for high temperature heat treatment of compound modification was prepared nano-scale paraffin emulsion, average size below 250 nm, permeability is good, in the wood can be at room temperature for more than 2 years, has a good stability. Researchers have developed a series of multifunctional composite emulsion system, inhibits wood mechanical properties loss, improve the mechanical properties and thermal stability, achieve the result of a processing, many modification, for extension of wood, especially the use of the high temperature heat treatment of material, the better promotion of environmentally friendly wood modification technology, provides important technical support. Project team was established in hebei hiraizumi the pilot production line, annual output of 500 tons of paraffin emul

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